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Pad the bill with unneccesary work!!! Just as cheap elsewhere!
If you want honest and dependable! Go elsewhere!!!!!   26-07-18
Tags: Tyres rotherham


Avoid at all cost. Purchased two part worn tyres from this back street tyre place. Had problems so went back and had my tracking done. Still had drifting of the car, especially in a straight line. The car would suddenly swerve to one side and then the other. Took my car to a reputable 4 wheel allignment cente, who showed me on a computer that both front wheels where pointing in opposite directions and not just slightly. This did not sort my problem. Then had my tyres looked at. Defective and dangerous is not the words i would use. Changed these and problem gone. This could have caused an acciddent, especially at motorway speeds. All i can say is if you want' peace of mind' go elsewhere.    29-01-15